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Welcome to the Douglas Lake Mafia mini-site. The link Chick's Home will take you back to my web site www.thedotdesigner.com.
Remember, in order to return here, go to my Portfolio page and go to the DLM page link.
The p@$$word is dglslakr.
The Photo Gallery is new, it's fully interactive so start your own album. To get started just read the Photo Gallery Instructions.
A word of advice on the photo gallery is that since most cameras today automatically take bazillion megapixel pictures by default (i.e. they're very big files), I'd suggest only uploading a few at a time.
Suggestions are always welcome to make this site better. Feel free to share this site with anyone you choose but remember it's our (the DLM) site not just a general Douglas Lake site. This site will only be as good as you want it to be.
I'd say for now, the calendar is a pretty important piece!


Reminds me of a bunch of kids hollering........HUNYOK!!!
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