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Some Important things to know About Us
The Dot Designer creates for all domain types
The Dot Designer is a small company located in S.E. Michigan founded by a 'too young to retire' Metallurgical Engineer with 2 patents, 3 published articles, and a successful ISO9002 quality system implementation.

Embarking on a 2nd career, certifications in HTML, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver were earned from the New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

Why do you need to know this?
You don't!

But it might make your choice easier knowing someone with an analytical mind and attention to detail is in charge of your project.

Using The Dot Designer for your web site requirements makes sense for many reasons.

  1. We're honest.
  2. We're independent, not burdened with red tape. We're responsive.
  3. We've had quite the same training as our competition.
  4. We've put together a network of partners that can provide virtually any graphic design or web related service required.
  5. We're innovative, not programmed, inside conventional thought processes.
  6. We're professional. Period.
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The Dot Designer can provide any service from domain registry to annual maintenance.
Don't forget the importance social sites have on your business. Check out our social site page.

If you are a web designer maybe you've made a great site but no longer have the time to perform periodic maintenance. We have several sites listed in our portfolio for which we perform this service. We will provide additional web addresses upon request.

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